The GBADs collaborators are nurturing a learning culture that is based on respect and delivered and managed with strong teamwork. 

GBADs Values

  • Challenge: disrupting the status quo in a way that is solution driven. Change will be affected through contributing to the achievement of SDGs, instead of advocacy.
  • Rigour: GBADs will set and test hypotheses through measurement based on the most accurately available tools and datasets, it will seek to improve and refine methods and outputs with the application of scientific rigour.
  • Transparency: GBADs will be publicly available to all, for the public good.
  • Delivery: GBADs will be focused on delivering products that are meaningful to decision makers in the animal health system and that have impact on the lives of people across society. While utilising academic rigour GBADs will be based on transforming policy making and private sector strategy development in order to improve field and delivery outcomes for all parts of the livestock community.
  • Inclusiveness: GBADs is a network of collaborators committed to helping people living on the margins and supporting decision-making for a broad range of stakeholders.

An overarching fundamental drive of GBADs culture is to turn complexity into clarity.