Global Burden of Animal Diseases (GBADs) programme will “measure to improve” animal health at a local, national and global level.

GBADs will:

  • Provide information for evidence based investment plans for veterinary services – supporting PVS and Gap Analysis
  • Allow allocation of resources to key social, economic and environmental problems – strengthening PVS outcomes
  • Support high quality evaluation of existing animal health investments demonstrating the value of veterinary services


Jonathan Rushton
Programme Director, University of Liverpool


Theresa Bernardo
Informatics Theme Lead, University of Guelph
Mieghan Bruce
Animal Health Ontology Theme Lead, Murdoch University
Brecht Devleesschauwer
Human Health Theme Lead, Sciensano
William Gilbert
Senior Analyst, University of Liverpool
Delia Grace
Disease Prioritisation Theme Lead, ILRI
Mario Herrero
Populations and Production Systems, Cornell University
Vivek Kapur
Engagement Theme Lead, Penn State University
Theodore Knight-Jones
Ethiopia Case Study Lead, ILRI
Thomas Marsh
Wider Economic Impacts Theme Lead, Washington State University
Dianne Mayberry
Populations and Production Systems and Indonesia Case Study Lead, CSIRO
Dustin Pendell
Wider Economic Impacts Theme, Kansas State University Lead
Marisa Peyre
Engagement Theme Lead, CIRAD
David Pigott
Human Health Theme Lead, IHME
Jaime Romero
Engagement Theme Lead, IICA
Deborah Stacey
Informatics Theme Lead, University of Guelph
Paul Torgerson
Production Loss & Expenditure Theme Lead, University of Zurich
Kevin Watkins
Engagement Theme Lead, FoodFirst LLC


Ben Huntington
Programme Manager, University of Liverpool
Edna Massay Kallon
Technical Lead, WOAH
Hannah Davies
Project Manager, University of Liverpool
Mike Cooper
Project Administrator, University of Liverpool


Kebede Amenu
Disease Prioritisation Post-Doctoral Researcher, ILRI
Sara Babo Martins
Fleming Fund Analyst, University of Liverpool
Gemma Chaters
Analyst, University of Liverpool
Helen Clough
Senior Statistician, University of Liverpool
Tarni Cooper
Indonesia Case Study Research Assistant, Griffith University
Alexis Delabouglise
Production Loss and Expenditure Researcher and Senegal Case Study Lead, CIRAD
Carlotta Di Bari
Human Health Research Assistant, Sciensano
Christina Fastl
Human Health Research Assistant, Sciensano
Renata Fernandes Santos
Animal Health Ontology Research Assistant, Murdoch University
Carlos Fisher
Cornell University
Stephen Kwok
Animal Health Ontology Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Murdoch University
Andrew Larkins
Animal Health Ontology Research Assistant, Murdoch University
Yin Li
Populations and Production Systems Research Scientist, CSIRO
Le Nguyen
Informatics Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Guelph
Hanan Omar
Animal Health Ontology Research Assistant, Murdoch University
Cassandre Pyne
Informatics Research Associate, University of Guelph
Philip Rasmussen
Assistant Professor of Animal Health Eonomics, University of Copenhagen
Kassy Raymond
Informatics Technical Manager, University of Guelph
Golam Saroare Shakil
Wider Impact Economy Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, Washington State University
Peggy Schrobback
Populations and Production Systems Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO
Kurtis Sobkowich
Informatics Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Guelph
Kieran Simpkins
One Food Research Assistant, University of Liverpool
Dominic Smith
Indonesia Case Study Researcher, Griffith University
João Sucena Afonso
Roadmap and Decide Analyst, University of Liverpool
Wudu Temesgen
Ethiopia Case Study Associate Professor, ILRI
Narmanda Venkateswaran
Human Health Post-Doctoral Researcher, IHME


Nicoline de Haan
Arie Hendrik Havelaar
Paul Wood