Global Burden of Crop Loss Webinar

On Wednesday 2nd June CABI‘s Cambria Finegold. Cambria presented the Global Burden of Crop Loss in the Livestock and One Health Seminar series host by Jonathan Rushton.

Cambria Finegold is CABI’s Global Director, Digital Development, who is leading CABI’s work on harnessing the power of data, knowledge, and ICTs to support the Sustainable Development Goals. She is currently leading the Global Burden of Crop Loss, which is a new initiative that seeks to generate rigorous, authoritative evidence on impacts, causes, and risk factors of crop loss worldwide. As with the Global Burden of Disease initiative in human health and the Global Burden of Animal Diseases in animal health, the aim is to encourage and facilitate evidence-based decision-making to ensure that funding, policy, and research efforts are channelled to where they are most needed.

A recording of the webinar is available below.

More information about the Global Burden of Crop Loss programme can be found here on their website.