GBADs Collaboration Centre meeting, Belfast

On 22nd March 2022, the GBADs Collaboration Centre presented short updates from GBADs, DECIDE and ROADMAP and drew out the important synergies between the projects/programmes. Taking place in Belfast, there was successful discussions regarding each project and the work currently being done, and the work we are looking to complete for the remainder of the year.

Presentations from the meeting will be posted below:

Session 1- Methods:

  • Jonathan Rushton- GBADs analytical framework, biomass and total economic value
  • Will Gilbert- Introduction to the Animal Health Loss Envelope (AHLE)
  • Phil Rasmussen- Introduction to co-morbidity model

Session 2- Data Gleaning:

  • Edna Massay Kallon- OIE as a trusted broker- perspectives on strategic alliances
  • Gerdien Van Schaik- The DECIDE projects approach to data

Session 3- Application:

  • Wilma Steeneveld- DECIDE- using the AHLE to determine burden estimation in case studies
  • Joao Sucena Afonso- AMU and veterinary services expenditure as a component of the AHLE