Senegal Case Study – Online Launch Event

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The Senegal Case Study launched with an online workshop held on September 1st. The workshop was attended by 18 people representing the main organisations involved in the case study:

  • Institut Sénégalais de Recherches Agricoles (ISRA)
    • Laboratoire National de l’Elevage et de Recherches Vétérinaires (ISRA-LNERV)
    • Bureau d’Analyses Macro-Economiques (ISRA-BAME)
  • Direction des Services Vétérinaires (DSV)
  • World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH)
  • Liverpool University
  • École Inter-États des Sciences et Médecine Vétérinaires de Dakar (EISMV)
  • And the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), who is funding this case study.

The Ministère de l’Elevage et des Productions Animales (MEPA) was represented by the DSV.

After the official opening of the workshop, several presentations were given. The first reminded the participants of the recent achievements under the GBADs programme. The second aimed to familiarize the participants with the planned activities in this case study. The third presented some of the results of the Ethiopia Case Study, to give participants an idea of what the present Senegal case study could achieve. A discussion session closed the workshop, with topics ranging from project risks to data security and governance.
The Senegal Case Study will be divided into five activities:

• Activity 1 – an online project launch meeting (September 1st, 2023)
• Activity 2 – a demonstration of feasibility of the GBADs approach, targeting the small ruminant agropastoral system. This will involve the estimation of the Animal Health Loss Envelope, as well as attribution of these losses to high-level causes in general, and Peste des petits ruminants in particular (September-November 2023).
• Activity 3 – mapping the data ecosystem in Senegal to enable the expansion of the application of the GBADs approach beyond small ruminants and PPR (September-November 2023).
• Activity 4 – a stakeholder workshop where the study results will be presented, discussed, and improved (December 2023).
• Activity 5 – a cross-cutting project coordination, to allow for positive and enriching exchanges of data, methods and ideas (August-December 2023).

The first results will be presented back to stakeholders in early December, so stay tuned!

If you would like to find out more about our programme and our next steps within Senegal, please contact

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