Seminar: GBADs and DECIDE #3- “Estimations of greenhouse gasses emissions and the welfare burden of animal diseases: Exploring sustainability in livestock production”

On Tuesday 26th September 2023, GBADs and DECIDE  hosted the third official Seminar in a series between the two projects. After the success of the first official Seminar, we were hoping to continue presenting research that interests our audience. You can find the recording of both talks below as well as the presentations of both.

Armando Rivera Moncada (Université libre de Bruxelles), started the talk by introducing ‘Estimations of greenhouse gasses emissions’ which developed a discussion after the presentations. This then followed nicely into Beatriz Garcia Morante (IRTA) and DECIDE project, who presented ‘welfare burden of animal diseases’ which supported the linkages between the two presentations.

With over 50 attendees joining the presentations, it was great to continue the series with a interesting discussion on the topic at the end of the sessions.

We would like to thank both Armando and Beatriz for presenting to the consortium. If you would like to hear more about the Seminar Series, please contact

Armando’s presentation can be found here

Beatriz’s presentation can be found here

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