Sysrev Seminar – The Future of Document Review – Unlocking Hidden Knowledge in Documents

On November 23rd 2021, Dr. Marie Mcintyre hosted a Sysrev Seminar open to all of the GBADs programme and collaborators. This was presented by Tom Luechtefeld, a PhD graduate from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Video available below.

Background: Toms main focus is on algorithm development at Sysrev. He helps medical, veterinary and life science researchers organise biomedical knowledge on published research literature, genes, methods, chemicals and more. The majority of scientific knowledge is currently locked away in large text documents, and provides a key to leveraging this resource. The Global Burden of Animal Disease (GBADs) programme is using Sysrev for structured scoping reviews to provide evidence synthesis and data extraction on the economics and epidemiology of livestock disease. The breadth and depth of GBADs means that literature searching technologies including data mining and machine learning tools such as Sysrev will be vital to the programmes’ development. We’ve invited Tom to provide a showcase of the features of Sysrev, in order to highlight and potentially encourage it’s use.

You can find Toms and colleagues publication ‘Sysrev: A FAIR Platform for Data Curation and Systematic Evidence Review’ here.

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