From FAIR to FAIRS: Data security by design for the global burden of animal diseases

Deborah Stacey, Kenneth Wulff, Nidhip Chikhalla and Theresa Bernardo have had the following publication published online. You can find the abstract below and the full version here.


Solving complex global problems involving data and data analysis can require data from both the public and private sectors. The sharing of data has traditionally been restricted to open data. To facilitate the use of both open and private data, a new data-sharing framework has been constructed as an extension to the popular Findable-Accessible-Interoperable-Reusable (FAIR) framework. The “Secure by Design” approach has been taken to define the FAIRS data-sharing framework where S stands for Secure. A Cloud infrastructure architecture is proposed that would allow data brokers to implement FAIRS. This architecture is being constructed for the Global Burden of Animal Diseases (GBADs) to facilitate the sharing of livestock data.

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