GBADs visit to Utrecht University with Collaboration Centre

A meeting of the consortium members of the WOAH Collaborating Centre for the Economics of Animal Health (Europe region) took place in the Netherlands on 28-29 October. Partners from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute and University of Liverpool travelled to Utrecht University and Royal GD Animal Health Service in Deventer. The partners met to agree a way forward for funding further research efforts, training and knowledge exchange with a particular focus on expanding the network to include other European Member States and Near Neighbour Countries. Also on the agenda were the next steps for the GBADs case studies in Norway and the Netherlands; a joint PhD supervision meeting; and a discussion on data extraction and analysis from precision livestock farming initiatives during a visit to the University farm. If you would like to find out more about GBADs work in Europe and the work of the Collaborating Centre, please contact or visit our Collaboration Centre page here

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