GBADs Theme Lead Meeting, Paris

The GBADs theme leads came together in the WOAH Offices, Paris on the 20th March with the aim to refine and improve the vision for GBADs.

The morning session involved Dr. Mieghan Bruce, Prof. Thomas Marsh and Prof. Brecht Devleesschauwer discussing where we are currently with the farm and societal burden estimations work. This led into ‘Where we want to be in 2028’, helping to frame where the farm and societal burden estimations work could be in 2028, focussing on research engagement within the programme teams and outside programmes and projects, guides and standards needed, and the end-user interface and outreach that will be needed. This was a really productive start to the day!

After a quick break, we continued the updates and presentations into the afternoon where Prof. Theresa Bernardo and Associate Prof. Deb Stacey, Informatics theme leads, gave updates on the data, data flows, parameterisation and dashboards in GBADs. An informative and well responded talk led the discussion into where we want to be in the next 2028 for this particular piece of work in the programme, focussing on existing and new data sources, data governance, functioning of the Knowledge Engine, and end user interface and outreach.

Prof. Jonathan Rushton and Dr. Laure Weber-Vintzel closed the meeting and discussed the next steps to take within the programme. We hope to turn all these thoughts into a working concept note and keep working towards making GBADs a long-term programme that will continue to create information on the economic burden of livestock diseases accessible to support animal health decision-making focused on SDGs.

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