GBADs present at SVEPM 23, Toulouse

The 41st Annual Meeting of The Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine (SVEPM) was held in Toulouse between the 22nd-24th March 2023. GBADs attended to lead a workshop, and present 2 presentations and 2 posters which were awarded by the committee. A number of the GBADs team also attended, providing support at the kiosk and having a positive impact at the conference.

GBADs conducted a pre-conference workshop on the work of GBADs. The objectives of the workshop were:

1.Be familiarised with the GBADs programme and its aims

2.Understand the GBADs approach to burden estimation and attribution

3.Run the model with existing parameters for Ethiopia

All our facilitators did a great job in conducting the workshop and we hope to develop this workshop for future use.

The second day of the conference saw presentations from Dr. Wudu Temsegen Jemburu and Emma-Jane Murray.

The first GBADs presentation was from Dr. Wudu Temsegen Jemburu who presented ‘Estimating disease burden of Small ruminants in Ethiopia: Application of GBADS framework’.  This was a fantastic talk which explained exactly what we are achieving with our Ethiopia Case Study. You can find out more on our Ethiopian Case Study here. 

Within the second day Emma-Jane Murray had the opportunity to do a flash presentation of her poster ‘Estimating the Irish cattle herd biomass and associated total stock value in 2019’ to the SVEPM consortium. This was well received and attendees were able to view the poster over the course of the annual meeting.

On the third and final day of the conference, we had Prof. Delia Grace Randolph, Disease prioritisation theme lead, present her work on ‘Current and potential use of animal disease data by stakeholders in the global south and global north’. An informative talk which was a great way to end the 3-day annual meeting.

Beat Thomann had the opportunity to showcase the work he had led on “The Global Burden of Animal Diseases – Case Study: The burden of animal disease in UK pork production.”

In 2024 the next SVEPM will be held in Upssala, Sweden from the 20th to 22nd March 2024.

We are hoping to be able to attend, to show what GBADs gets up to this year! Hopefully we can run another workshop, kiosk, and have more presentations and posters. If you have any questions on GBADs please contact

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