GBADs present at The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Conference

The OECD-CRP Antimicrobial use and resistance in livestock production in a One Health context symposium took place in Edinburgh on the May 22nd-24th.  Current work ongoing in AMR in livestock from a One Health perspective in modelling, surveillance, socio-economics, and policy were presented by researchers across the world. In the symposium, Dr Sara Babo Martins, University of Liverpool, had the opportunity to present the ongoing GBADs work on the assessment of the socio-economic burden of AMR in livestock. Participants had the occasion to jointly discuss challenges and ways forward on a range of topics, from data gaps in our understanding to science-policy interface aspects. Such opportunities to connect knowledge and jointly develop solutions to common challenges are a key part of moving forward our understanding of AMR and more effectively tackle this significant health threat.  Thank you to the organisers for hosting us.

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