ISESSAH, June 2023

During 13th-15th June, the International Society for Economics and Social Sciences of Animal Health (ISESSAH) conference took place in Helsinki, Finland-“Understanding stakeholder behaviour and socio-economic implications of practices and policies of animal health”. Emma-Jane Murray, a member of the GBADs programme, attended the conference and gave her thoughts below.

“There were amazing talks throughout the conference discussing economics, behaviour, antimicrobial usage, veterinary perspectives, technology, economic modelling, biosecurity, costs of disease, policy and industry perspectives to animal health.”

You can find some snippets of the talks held at the conference:

“Multiple burden framework for dairy cattle diseases” Wilma Steeneveld (Utrecht University)

“Assessing the economic consequence of interventions for controlling salmon lice using a stochastic partial budgeting approach” Cecilie Sviland Walde (Norwegian Veterinary Institute)

“The economic burden of the porcine respiratory disease complex and related
interventions – A systematic review” Marloes Boeters (Utrecht University)

“The potentials in Norwegian Salmon Farming by improving vaccines” Paul Steinar Valle (Spillfree)

Poster by Mariana Marrana (World Organisation for Animal Health) “Making sense of high-level investment in animal health systems”

Thank you to Emma-Jane for giving her thoughts on the conference and the presentations above by partners and collaborators who support the GBADs programme. If you would like to hear more, please contact

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