GBADs attendance at DECIDE General Assembly

From June 27-28, Prof. Jonathan Rushton and Dr. Joao Sucena Afonso attended the DECIDE consortium gathered for the 2023 in-person General Assembly meeting. Bringing together just over 50 attendees from all 19 project partners, the event marked the successful start of the second half of the DECIDE project.

The two-day event marked the start of the second half of the DECIDE project and enabled the consortium to reflect on progress, highlights and challenges – and also discuss the joint way forward.

The meeting agenda included thorough updates and presentations from all work packages as well as data groups, providing current insights into the ongoing pig, cattle, poultry and salmon pilot implementations. In-plenum, the meeting participants shared valuable input, questions and feedback on the project’s findings and developments.

Jonathan and Joao, who both work within the GBADs programme, are supporting WP4 ‘Multidimensional burden of disease metric and prioritisation of interventions’ with Will Gilbert from the University of Liverpool.

If you would like to found out more about the DECIDE project, you can visit their website here.

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